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This is for my Updates, and other things I have to say. Every month, I start over and move the previous month to the Archives page.

Huge start for the year. Been too busy to update, and my internet is still out so its just hard to get on here to update. If you really want to keep track of what autographs I get, and when I get them, join Pat Neshek's forum and follow this thread:

I'll still try to update this, but that gets updated more often.

Since my last update:

US Army All American Bowl: Names in bold are big prospects
Anthony Munoz 1/1 (Insc. HOF 95)
Pete Dawkins 1/1 (Insc. Heisman '58)
Quinton Aaron 1/1 (actor from The Blindside)
Keenan Allen 2/2 (gave me one of his Razor cards)
Seantrell Henderson 2/2 (gave me a Razor card)
Mike Hull 2/2 (gave me a razor)
Cullen Christian 1/1 (Razor)
Marcus Lucas 1/1 (Razor)
Dillon Baxter 3/3 (2 ICs, one insc Player of the Year, and a mini football)
Robert Woods 1/1
CJ Mosely 1/1
CJ Fiederoworicz 1/1
Paul Jones 1/1
Silas Redd 1/1
Marcus Lattimore 1/1

Justin McCay 1/1
Brandon Willis 1/1
Chris Martin 1/1
Shon Coleman 1/1
Sharrif Floyd 1/1
Ahmad Dixon 1/1
Lache Seastrunk 1/1
Christian Thomas 1/1
Jackson Jeffcoat 1/1
Malcolm Jones 1/1
A.J. Derby 1/1
Tevin Jackson 1/1
Owamagbe Odighizuwa 1/1

Plus 21 more the next day (mostly on Razor Cards)

Michigan State (in town for the Alamo Bowl)...
Greg Jones 1/1 (possible first round pick)
Edwin Baker 1/1 (freshman, but I know hes very talented)
Mark Dantonio 1/1 (signed and inscribed "Go Green"

Adam Morrison 1/1
Brian Shaw 1/1
Shawn Marion 1/1
Jason Kidd 1/1 
Dirk Nowitzki 1/1

Tayshaun Prince 1/1
Jeff Pendergraph 1/1
Andre Miller 1/1
Juwan Howard 1/1 Michigan Jersey
He reached out and signed it, then as I was pulling it back, he realized it was a Michigan jersey, and pulled it back and wrote "Go Blue!" on it. I said "Wow, thanks, thats awesome" he winked and said "No Problem" He's one of my favorites, so that was pretty big to me.

Chris Kaman 1/1
Jeff Foster 1/1
Troy Murphy 1/1
Luther Head 1/1
TJ Ford 1/1
Solomon Jones 1/1

And the BIGGEST Name I've ever gotten an autograph from... I almost fainted when I saw him walk out of the hotel (not really)... But I've heard he never goes on road trips, and Never signs.. But he was pretty nice...

Larry FREAKING Bird 1/1

and Dusty Baker 1/1 TTM after about a year.

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