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Dec 16:
I've been busy, and my Internet is out, so I havent been able to update in a long time.. I've come up with 52 autographs since my last update..
Stephen Curry 1/1, 8x10
Roko Ukic 1/1
Luc Mbah a Moute 1/1
Hakim Warrick 1/1
Scott Skiles 1/1
Luke Ridnour 1/1
Jodie Meeks 1/1
Kurt Thomas 1/1
Ersan Ilyasova 1/1

Jrue Holiday 1/1 8x10
Jason Kapona 1/1
Carmelo 1/1
Nene 1/1
Anthony Carter 1/1
Kenyon Martin 1/1
Aaron Afflalo 1/1
Tyreke Evans 1/1
Mario Elie 1/1
Stephen Jackson 2/3
Gerald Henderson 1/1

OCT 31:
I've been way too busy to update lately. I've picked up a ton. Here's what happened today:

The Sacramento Kings are an AWESOME team. The only guy who didn't sign had a cast on his hand. All of the players were incredibly nice, very friendly.

Tyreke Evans 1/1 On my Elite Eight SI, 1 down 7 to go.
Shareef Abdur-Raheem 1/1
Sean May 1/1
Spencer Hawes 1/1
Beno Udrih 1/1
Andres Nocioni 1/1
Jason Thompson 1/1

Wish I had more stuff. I can't believe how great these guys were.

OCT 12:
Bill Cosby was in town last night. Got him on an 11x14. Also got a ton since the last update, just haven't had time to post. Tracy McGrady, and a homerun from Cedric Hunter were the big two off the top of my head.  Check out my bucket for the best updates.

Last night was possibly the last game of the year. I got Jared Lansford (8x10), Will Inman, Corey Kluber, Cedric Hunter (homerun ball), and the McCallister Park Little League team from the Little League World series on ESPN (team ball). 

SEP 10:
Last night I got Jemile Weeks to sweet spot a ball. Nice guy, but obviously doesnt like being hounded. A friend of mine also went up to Round Rock and got me Armando Benitez on my 2001 Topps card.

SEP 4:
Tripod is making everyone switch over to a new Site Editor that really really really sucks. ,So I decided to start transfer everything over to freewebs. I'll try to keep as much stuff from the original site as possible. Check the Archives for previous months.

AUG 29:
Last night, I got my 500th autograph of the year. It also happened to be a pretty special one too. Chris Gradoville (Frisco Catcher) hit an inside the park homerun and signed my ticket stub and inscribed "inside the park homer" on it. I also got Steve Murphy on a baseball (also on an 8x10 back on the 25th), and Terry Kennedy on a few cards.
AUG 24:
Big Mailday (for me anyway). Got back 2 50/50s and 1 TTM success. I got back Kyle Kendrick, J.J. Furminiak, and David Newhan from a 50/50 with RaiderDan, and Drew Stubbs, Michael Brantley, Clint Sammons, Chris Snelling, Kelvin Jiminez, and Andy Cannizaro from ViperTrader.
And as for the TTM: C.C. Sabbathia signed 1/2 from Spring Training.
AUG 19:
Last day for the Cowboys. Finally got Marcus Spears for the first time ever. Also got an awesome 8x10 of Jason Witten. As well as Brad Sham (Voice of the Cowboys), Bruce Mays (The Turk, his job is to bring the bad news to guys who dont make the team), Steve McGee, Jason Hatcher, Orlando Scandrick and a few other guys.
AUG 14:
Last night. Ernesto Frieri came within one strike of throwing a no hitter... But gave up an RBI single.. Lance Lynn, Tyler Norrick, and Pete Kozma all signed. Also got some Adam Eaton autos for my set as a gift from a friend.
AUG 12:
Keith Brooking, Patrick Crayton, Jay Ratliff, Julian Hawkins, Tim Anderson, Rudy Carpenter, Bradie James, Anthony Spencer all signed for me yesterday.
AUG 7:
Finally got Tony Romo. Also got 7 other guys from the Cowboys. Most notable were Isaiah Stanback and Jesse Holley (the guy who won 4th and Long on Spike).
AUG 6:
Yesterday, Darrin Erstad was playing a rehab game for the Corpus Christi Hooks. Got him on 2 cards, and got 14 other cards signed by the rest of the team (mostly for my Hooks Team Set). Other Notables were Jason Castro, and Kenny Baugh.
AUG 4:
Marion Barber and David Buehler signed today. I wasn't there very long. Jon Kitna was standing there signing outside the hotel for 10 minutes... but this douchebag security guard refused to let me ask him. I have no idea why. Maybe because I'm old enough to have facial hair, and that automatically means I'm trying to get rich off 3rd stringer's autographs.
Last 2 nights, I worked on the Frisco Roughriders. Omar Poveda, Blake Beavan, Lance Zawadski, and Frankie Francisco (on rehab) all signed for me. I also caught Adam Fox's 12th homerun.
I moved the July updates to the Archives page.

JULY 31:
Dallas Cowboys: Russell Maryland, Jason Witten, Keith Brooking, Jason Williams, Stephen Hodge, Ryan Gibbons, Jonas Seawright, Dave Campo, and Ray Sherman all signed for me at the team hotel yesterday.
JULY 30:
Yesterday was the first practice of Dallas Cowboys Training camp. Only got Felix Jones, Dixon Edwards, and Mickey Spagnola. The crowds are rediculous. I couldn't come within 10 feet of any players, Felix only signed for me because I managed to squeeze myself between a pillar and the wall at the hotel. He found it amusing and signed. Bill Bates was reaching for my item, and some jerk with a camera pushed me away asking him for a picture. (Even though Bill had already said he didnt have time to take any)
JULY 28:
Shane Peterson and Tyson Ross signed for me last night.
JULY 25:
Last week I caught Chris Carter's 15th home run, and last night I caught his 16th. I also got Josh Donaldson on some cards.
JULY 23:
Just got back from Houston. Went for the Cardinals series because Pujols had been signing a lot lately. Of course, I missed him by 10 minutes. I came away with Russ Ortiz, Adam Wainwright, Rick Ankiel, Jason Larue, and Chris Carpenter.
JULY 18:
Caught Chris Carter's 15th Homerun of the year. (My 21st for my collection). Also Got Luis Durango on an 8x10 (my own picture), and Mitch Canham. All 3 are pretty cool guys. Canham has a reputation as a jerk because he only signs 2 per person, but he's not a jerk. He gives people a hard time, but he's usually joking. He only signs 2, but he also signs for the same people every day. I've never seen him flat out turn someone down.
JULY 17:
Midland might be the best signing team in the league. I came away with over 30 signatures tonight. (Only 15 for myself). Too many to list. Scans in my photobucket, link on the home page.
JULY 15:
Got in an Aaron Poreda from a trade. Also started "The Autograph Store" for some of the things I have. Check the navigation bar on the left. Second link from the top.
I caught Seth Johnston's walk-off homer on Friday, and gave the ball to his mother. So last night he gave me a cracked bat. Pretty awesome.
Drove to Corpus to get Alex Gordon (since he skipped his rehab game here), and got some Hooks players on the team set. Gordon is one of my favorite players, so I'm excited to get him again. He's much friendlier than he was when he originally came through, although, he wasn't bad then either. I got him on a Magazine and a GU card. Also managed to make it back into town in time to catch the Missions game (thanks to a nice rain delay). Got several more guys there. (Scans are in the Baseball>IP section in my photobucket.
Tulsa in town last night. I got Daniel Mayora, Samuel Deduno, Ryan Harvey, Michael McKenry, Esmil Rogers, Brad Corley, Danny Sandoval, and Mitch Canham. Today I'll be heading down to Corpus Christi to try and get Alex Gordon.
Last night, I got Anthony Lerew, Eric Sogard, Kellen Kulbacki, Scott Rice, Logan Forsythe, Cory Luebke, Carlos Guevara. I also caught the walk-off homerun in the bottom of the 9th from Seth Johnston. As I was getting it signed, his mother asked me for it. I let her have it since I already caught one from him. He said he'd get me a bat.

Last night. Got Anthony Lerew, Josh Johnson, and Dan Cortez.8 total. Moved June to Archives.

JUNE 29:
Got hooked up from Raiderdan in a 50/50/trade. Colin Ballester, Eddie Kunz, and Fernando Martinez.
JUNE 27:
Finally got a TTM return after the worst drought I've ever had. Rafael Soriano signed in about 3 months.
JUNE 17:
Today's mail brought in my first 50/50 of the Year. 2 Wyatt Torregas cards.
JUNE 16:
Jeff Kent was a special guest of the Missions tonight. I didn't get there early enough to get him when he threw the first pitch, So I thought I missed him altogether. He went to sit in a private suite with his family. They were having drawings and calling names for people to go up to his Suite and hang out for an inning, get autographs, etc. Of course I didn't win. One of the winners overheard me talking about how I missed him, and gave me his ticket to go see him. I walked over to his suite, knocked on the door just as his wife and daughter were walking out. I asked if it would be ok to bother him for an autograph, and she invites me in and says "He's right outside with his boys, knock yourself out." He was pointing out at the field, talking about the game with his kids, so I asked him as politely as I could. He surprised me with how friendly he was. Signed 2 cards without a problem, introduced me to his kids, and then thanked me for being polite and being a fan.
Jeff Kent
JUNE 13:
Mitch Canham and Tim Stauffer signed last night. And on a side note, I'm in the worst TTM drought of my life. I've gotten 1 success from this year. 3 others came in during Spring Training, but each took almost a year (or more). I'm going to have to give a lot of props to Matt Stairs, as he is the only player to send me an autograph this year. (Others were John Parrish, Adrian Gonzalez, and Shawn Estes, all of which were great to get back). I haven't had one come back since Estes back in April. I'm about to give up on sending TTM altogether and just concentrate on IP.
JUNE 12:
Had to go back to get a few I missed from Frisco. Got Johnny Whittleman, and another Joe Torres (FT).  Matt Harrison signed for 3 people, then said "No More" and left. And he probably wont be back, since it was just a rehab start.
JUNE 11:
Last night, I got Joe Torres, Kasey Kiker, Thomas Diamond, Brant Brown, Marcus Lemon, and Cesar Carillo.  One of my graphing buddies had gone on a trip to see the Fort Worth Cats, and got gave me a bunch of extras he got to make up for missing Aaron Crow. So I didn't get Crow, but he gave me Ryan Patterson and Kenard Bibbs.
Drove up to Austin today to catch the Super-Regional between Texas and Texas-Christian. Got Preston Clark (8x10/ball), Brandon Workman (4x6/5x7), Cameron Rupp (4x6/ball), Kevan Keyes (ball).  Missed Austin Wood, so I'll have to be going back sometime. Whoever wins tomorrow goes to Omaha.
June 2:
Last night: Jordan Walden, Eric Sogard, Kellen Kulbacki, and Nate Culp. I also got in a couple 50/50's from some friends. A friend drove up to Austin last night and got me Preston Clark, and Kevin Keyes from the University of Texas. Another got 12 in from Vegas: Jeremy Accardo (2), Joaquin Arias, Angel Sanchez (2), Jon Arencibia, Jay Marshall, Aaron Mathews, Alejandro De Aza, Jonah Bayliss, Esteban German, Edgar Gonzales (D-backs), and Russ Adams.

May 31:
Mat Latos actually wasn't personalizing today, but still only 1 per. Also got Hank Conger, Michael Anton, Tommy Mendoza, Ivan Contreras, Ken Patterson and a few other guys. Also got a game used bat, but I wasnt sure who used it, so I had Terry Kennedy sign it.
May 28:
Last Night I got my 20th homerun in my collection. Tony Cruz hit one against the wind over the top of the foul pole. There was a lot of talk about whether it was fair or foul (Manager arguing, fans booing). But the umps got the call right, as it was directly over dead center of the pole. I was right under it and had a good view. I also got Lance Lynn, Pete Kozma, Trey Hearne (1 FT), Curt Smith, and Ernesto Frieri (on an Allen & Ginter Columbia mini).
May 22:
Past few days: Got some a game-used bat from Brian Esposito the other day, Got Collin Delhome, Brad James, Mitch Einertson, Sergio Perez, and Mat Latos on cards. Latos would only do 1-per and personalized everything.
Today: I got Cedric the Entertainer on a DVD cover before his show tonight. And got an Orlando Magic fan pack with a Hedo Turkoglu signed 8x10.
May 19:
Picked up a Barry Zito for my '01 Fleer Tradition set. I also got Will Inman, Josh Horton, Josh Donaldson, Corey Brown, on Tristar projections, And Luis Durango and Anthony Reckor on Bowman's. Also pulled a John Tolisano Orange #3/5 out of Tristar.
MAY 12:
Been way too busy to update lately. Please, Join my forum to get all the stories and numbers.
I came away with 22 new autos since May 1st. Check the ARCHIVES link on the left for last months updates.

APR 28:
Last night I caught Seth Johnston's 2nd homerun of the year. He's the first everyday player from San Antonio to play for the Missions in 20 years. Won a National Championship at UT.  And back on the 23rd, I caught Danny Putnam's 3rd homerun of the year. He's a really nice guy too. Same Night I got Putnam, Luis Durango (played for Panama in WBC) gave me his cracked bat. Signed it nicely.
I started using my forum to update more often, Just because its easier than this. So go there for stories and scans.
APR 22:
Dirk Nowitzki 1/1 8x10
Jason Kidd 1/1
APR 20:
Still too busy to upload pics and all that, but I came up with 9 autos since the last update. Few guys from the Hornets, and Jason Terry, Josh Howard, and Jerry Stackhouse from the Mavs. Back on the 13th (after my last update), I went to another Missions game. Caught my first Pro homerun of the year, which happened to also be Eric Sogard's 1st ever AA homerun. So it may be the most valuable and unique of the 18 I've caught so far.
APR 13:
Mitch Canham and Travis Denker. Only guys I needed on opening night. (9th) Haven't much time lately, so I haven't been able to scan or do IP Charts.  I'll just be doing those when I find the time. I also got Mike Hampton in a 50/50.
APR 9:
On the 2nd, I got Bud Black (x5), Kevin Kouzmanoff, Chase Headley (x2) and Cesar Carillo. 
On the 5th, I got Shawn Estes TTM from August (x2).
And yesterday I got Greg Oden, LaMarcus Aldridge, Joel Pryzbilla, and Martell Webster.

MAR 31:
Seems like an entire month just blew by before I could update. I did a tally and I've come away with 27 new autos since I last updated. Too many to list, so I'll just make a quick Highlight List.
Kevin Durant
Desmond Mason
James Silas, Gregg Poppovic, Dale Ellis, Luis Scola, Dikembe Mutumbo, Isaiah Steinbeck (NFL), Neville Shed, Antoine Carr, Gabe Rivera, Stephon Marbury, Gabe Pruitt
Durant is easily the best signer in the NBA.
Scans of some of them:
MAR 12:
Been a very busy month for me.  I haven't had time to update, but over the last 2 weeks, I got Caron Butler, Jason Richardson, Dan Majerle, Bill Cartwright, Grant Hill, Shaq, Sean May, D.J. Augustin, Gerald Wallace, Juwan Howard, Larry Brown, Raymond Felton, and Cartier Martin. 
And then yesterday I went to another College game. Notre Dame vs. Grambling. I got a photo and a ball signed by A.J. Pollock, Sam Elam on a program, Golden Tate on index card, and Jeremy Barnes on a homerun ball he hit.

FEB 25:
Yesterday I got my first 2009 ST Success. Matt Stairs, 1/1 in 11 days c/o Phillies ST.
The Mavericks were also in town, I came away with Jason Kidd, Mark Cuban, and Erick Dampier.
FEB 23:
Yesterday, I did my first ever College game. I got UTSA RoadRunner All-Americans Zack Calhoon, and Michael Rockett. And Coach Sherman Corbett. As well as USF and Team USA catcher, Ryan Lipkin.  All were extremely friendly.
FEB 16:
Started sending out my TTM Requests for Spring Training.
FEB 11:
Adrian Gonzales signed 3/3 in 1 year, from Spring Training last year.
FEB 7:
I got John Parrish TTM today. 1/1 in black. I forgot when I sent it out, sometime last year. c/o the Blue Jays I think. Came postmarked from Florida.

JAN 31:
New Orleans Hornets: David West, Antonio Daniels, Byron Scott, Devin Brown, Julian Wright, Chris Paul, Melvin Ely.
Chris Paul flat out refused to sign for me. Signed for everyone else, but skipped me 4 times, then pointed at me and said "NO." Someone else there saw this, and gave me their index card.

Devin Brown (since he lives here in town) didn't get on the bus with the rest of the team. Instead, he pulled up to the hotel in his Ferari, and stopped to sign autographs. Pretty cool guy.
JAN 28:
Houston Astros Caravan came into town today for the last stop on the tour. I got Jeff Bagwell, Mike Hampton, Mark Saccomano, and Milo Hamilton. Scans and IP Charts added to the Baseball section (under January 2009).
JAN 23:
The New Jersey Nets. I managed to get one of the tougher guys to get, Vince Carter. Also got Eduardo Najera, Rod Thorn, Jarvis Hayes, Josh Boone, Trenton Hassell, and Devin Harris.
JAN 20:
The Indiana Pacers are easily the  best signing team i've seen so far. Every player/coach stopped and signed (except Troy Murphy).  I got Danny Granger, T.J. Ford, Rasho, Jeff Foster, Mike Dunleavy, Marquise Daniels, Maceo Baston, Jarrett Jack, Brandon Rush, Stephen Graham, Travis Diener, and Sam Perkins.
JAN 14:
I guess its only appropriate that I follow up my best NBA IP experience EVER, with my absolute WORST. After tonight, I officially HATE the Lakers. I knew Kobe wouldn't sign, but out of every single player/coach/trainer/security guard that traveled with the team, the only autograph I came away with was Trevor Ariza... And the only reason I got him, is because someone gave me an extra that they got. I was so frustrated with the horrible attitudes on this team, that I actually exchanged foul words with Andrew Bynum. He kept insisting that he signed for me last night when they came in... Even though they came in at 1:30 AM, and I wasn't even there.
JAN 11:
Orlando Magic.  I got Jameer Nelson, Hedo Turkoglu, Adonal Foyle, Rashard Lewis, and Dwight Howard. Howard was dressed like a cowboy, with this being Texas and all.
JAN 4:
First update of the new year. Last night, there was a lot of stuff going on around town. The Army All-American Bowl game, and the 76ers were in town. I got Theo Ratliff, Andre Miller, and Lou Williams from the Sixers, and at the football hotel, I met Jeff Feagles (NY Giants punter) and Vince Papale. I didn't get Vince's auto though (but I already have it). Karl Malone is also in town for his son, So I'll be hunting him down today.

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